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FASTbook Support

Event Software offers the high quality technical support options you need. All of our products are sold with one year of free maintenance included and support. Whether it’s getting a quick answer to a technical question or hands-on help with your system, we have the solution you need.

Releases & Updates – We are constantly improving FASTbook. Periodically, we release a new version or release with enhancements based on feedback from our customers. The new features we add reflect the changing needs and increasing complexity of facilities and their task of scheduling events. Minor updates can happen a few times a year, while major upgrades are generally every few years. This helps us keep up to date with new technologies while preventing you from having to upgrade too often.

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Enhancement Process
Our Customers needs determine our implementation schedule for product enhancement. At Event Software we take great pride in listening to and responding to our customers current and future needs. We generally respond to our customers’ enhancement requests within 5 business days. Every enhancement request is considered on its individual merit and we try to incorporate ideas into our product that we all agree can be useful for everyone.

User Manuals

This section provides you with updates, manuals and utilities to help you run, not only our software, but your computer as well. If you need assistance with anything on this page, please, call or email us.

Event Software Manuals

FASTbook 5.0 User Manual

We have the latest manual online so that if there are any enhancements made to FASTbook 5.0, you can download the latest version which should include instructions on the new sections.

There are also Help files available. These are files that can be opened with a help viewer and allow you to search per section, like regular help screens. For Existing FASTbook 5.6 users who want to update their existing help files, you can save the files directly into your fbwin50\doc directory. You will need all three files.

FASTbook Online User Manual

The latest FASTbook Online manual is availible which contains updates on new functions and installation procedures.

Other Downloads

Database Drivers

If you need to install or reinstall the Borland Database Engine (BDE) please download this file:

BDEInstall.exe [6.5 MB]