Event Software’s Company History

For over 35 years, our state-of-the-art facility and event management software has been helping venues schedule events and manage the work in their organizations.

Beginning in 1984, Event Software started thanks to an MIT grant from the US Olympic Committee. The US Olympic Committee was looking for a way to help schedule their various events using the burgeoning new field of computer technology. What the programmers at MIT came up with was not exactly what the Olympic Committee was looking for, so they passed on the program; however another person involved in the project saw that the software had potential for managing event facilities. The software was then adapted for use in civic centers, performing arts centers, and various other venues.

Since the days of DOS applications, Event Software has been evolving their products. From command line interfaces, to Windows PCs, and now in the cloud. Through the years our facility and event management software has been used in a broad spectrum of facilities including Arenas, Convention Centers, Coliseums, Performing Arts Centers, Universities, Museums, Churches, Hospitals, Businesses and more. Through feedback, customers have shaped the direction and feature set of the package. This has allowed us to make exactly what our users were looking for. These additional modules have made it more robust and applicable for so many other types of venues.

With decades of experiences, our technical support and customer service have made us a leader in the facility and event scheduling software business.

Our headquarters is in Gilbert, AZ.

Office Hours:
8:30am to 5:00pm, Tues. - Fri., Arizona Time
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480-517-9990 (Sales and Technical Support)
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PO Box 690
Gilbert, AZ 85299
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